Proctor School

As a learning community of 275 students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade, the Proctor School, is passionate about providing just that. Their goal is to create an inclusive environment that supports the social-emotional growth of all community members.


Sarah O’Leary, Principal
[email protected]

Proctor School
Proctor School

Inclusive Practices: Inclusive practices play a vital role in creating a welcoming and accepting learning environment. The school is working towards ensuring that every student feels valued, respected, and supported in their learning journey. By fostering an inclusive environment, they aim to break down barriers and promote a sense of belonging for all students.

Social-Emotional Learning: Social-emotional learning is an essential aspect of student development. They believe that nurturing emotional intelligence is crucial in preparing students to positively impact the world. The multi-year focus on social-emotional learning includes teaching empathy, resilience, perseverance, self-management, and kindness, essential skills for success in life.

Innovative Teaching Practices: Innovation is at the forefront of education and they are dedicated to providing students with cutting-edge learning experiences. Their focus on innovative teaching practices is aimed at helping students develop critical thinking skills, creativity, and a love for lifelong learning. By incorporating innovative techniques, they aim to make learning fun and engaging for all students.

Aligning with the Vision Statement: Their work in inclusive practices, social-emotional learning, and innovative teaching practices aligns with the School’s vision statement. Their vision is to nurture a dynamic learning environment where creative thinkers and innovative problem-solvers develop the skills they need to make a positive impact in the world.

Proctor School Staff Directory

Team Name Enter Email Link below Role
Main Office Sarah O’Leary [email protected] Principal
Main Office Jen Hutt [email protected] Administrative Assistant
Main Office Helen Dukehart [email protected] Administrative Assistant
4th Grade Rebecca White [email protected] Grade 4 Teacher
4th Grade Doreen Kelleher [email protected] Grade 4 Teacher
4th Grade Elizabeth Highgas/Kristin Maxwell [email protected] Grade 4 Teachers
4th Grade Lauren Klein [email protected] Grade 4 Teacher
4th Grade Mindy Murphy [email protected] Grade 4 Teacher
5th Grade Donna Ellis [email protected] Grade 5 Teacher
5th Grade Katie Gustafson [email protected] Grade 5 Teacher
5th Grade Shaina Salomon [email protected] Grade 5 Teacher
5th Grade Kaersten Lampe/Maddie Frisella [email protected] Grade 5 Teacher
5th Grade Andrea Gibbas [email protected] Grade 5 Teacher
6th Grade Lynne Strobl/Olivia Orlando [email protected] Grade 6 Teacher
6th Grade Mary Budrose [email protected] Grade 6 Teacher
6th Grade Sara DeOreo [email protected] Grade 6 Teacher
6th Grade Lyndsay Lantz [email protected] Grade 6 Teacher
Guidance Jolene Harrington [email protected] Behavior Specialist
Health Office Melissa West [email protected] School Nurse
Kitchen Ray Comeau [email protected] Kitchen
Learning Programs Erica Adams [email protected] CLIC
Learning Programs Kaitlin Frasca-Moses [email protected] Learning Experience Designer: ELA/SS
Learning Programs Danielle Thompson [email protected] Learning Experience Designer: Math/Science
Learning Programs Jen Steinberg [email protected] Math Specialist
Learning Programs Kaitlin Frasca-Moses [email protected] Reading Specialist
Learning Programs Jill Tzortis [email protected] Reading Specialist
Learning Programs Jan Morris [email protected] TAAP
Maintenance Adam Sawyer [email protected] Head Custodian
Special Education Andrea Marotta Instructional Assistant
Special Education Krista Flanagan Instructional Assistant
Special Education Frederick Joyce Instructional Assistant
Special Education Susan Dillon Instructional Assistant
Special Education Meghan Malloy Instructional Assistant
Special Education Pamela Hart Instructional Assistant
Special Education Stacey Bilicki Instructional Assistant
Special Education Alex Wiktorowski Instructional Assistant
Special Education Hilly Ebling Instructional Assistant
Special Education William Simon [email protected] Occupational Therapist
Special Education Eve Moura [email protected] Occupational Therapist
Special Education Bonnie O’Leary [email protected] Physical Therapist
Special Education Timothy Hogan [email protected] School Psychologist
Special Education Lena Taeger [email protected] Adjustment Counselor
Special Education Jenny Churchill [email protected] Special Education Coordinator
Special Education Melissa Diodati [email protected] Special Education Program and Inclusion Coordinator
Special Education Aimee Daly [email protected] Special Education Secretary
Special Education Charlene O’Leary [email protected] Special Education Teacher
Special Education Olivia Orlando [email protected] Special Education Teacher
Special Education Madeleine Frisella [email protected] Special Education Teacher
Special Education Mary Vaughan [email protected] Special Education Teacher
Special Education Katie Lyons [email protected] Special Education Teacher
Special Education Pamela Lane [email protected] Special Education Teacher
Special Education Laura Racobaldo [email protected] Speech and Language
Special Education Tracy Tuttle [email protected] Speech Language Pathologist
Specialist Anne Duchak [email protected] Art Teacher
Specialist Katie DeFrank [email protected] Librarian
Specialist Kevin Zajas [email protected] Music Teacher
Specialist Mindy Swanson [email protected] Music Teacher
Specialist Amanda Rogers [email protected] PE Teacher
Technology Chris Esolen [email protected] Network Manager
Technology Efrain Lopez [email protected] IT Specialist
Technology Elizabeth Fisichella [email protected] Technology Integration Specialist
Technology Ryan Savage [email protected] TTU IT Manager
Technology Julie Kelley [email protected] TTU EdTech Director