Steward School

Steward School is dedicated to providing students with a supportive, inclusive, and innovative learning experience. With a focus on social-emotional learning and cutting-edge teaching practices, they are working towards nurturing a dynamic and engaging environment where students can develop the skills they need to make a positive impact in the world.


Carroll Willa, Principal
[email protected]

Steward School
Steward School

Inclusive Practices for a Welcoming Environment

The district is committed to fostering an inclusive learning environment that values and respects every student. By breaking down barriers and promoting a sense of belonging, they aim to create a welcoming environment where students feel supported in their learning journey. This inclusive approach helps to ensure that every student feels valued and respected, regardless of their background or abilities.

Social-Emotional Learning for Emotional Intelligence

Social-emotional learning is an integral part of student development, and Steward School recognizes its importance. By nurturing emotional intelligence, they aim to prepare students to positively impact the world. The multi-year focus on social-emotional learning includes empathy, resilience, perseverance, self-management, and kindness, essential skills that will help students succeed in life.

Innovative Teaching Practices for Critical Thinking and Creativity

Steward School is committed to providing students with the most cutting-edge learning experiences possible. Their focus on innovative teaching practices is aimed at developing students’ critical thinking skills, creativity, and a love for lifelong learning. By incorporating innovative techniques, they aim to make learning fun, engaging, and stimulating for all students.

Staff Directory

Team Name Email Address Role
Main Office Carroll Willa [email protected] Principal
Main Office Kasey Maher [email protected] Administrative Assistant
Main Office Nicki Murphy [email protected] Office Aide/Special Education Admin Assistant
Early Childhood Meredith Grab [email protected] ECLC Teacher
PreSchool Cathy Polkiewicz [email protected] Instructional Assistant
PreSchool Judy LeBlanc [email protected] PreSchool Teacher
PreSchool Michelle O’Grady [email protected] Instructional Assistant
PreSchool John Gillette [email protected] Instructional Assistant
PreSchool Tiffany Kollias [email protected] PreSchool Teacher
PreSchool Kelly Begley [email protected] Instructional Assistant
PreSchool Kelly Thompson [email protected] PreSchool Teacher
PreSchool Jacqueline Dawley [email protected] Instructional Assistant
PreSchool Amy McNamee [email protected] Instructional Assistant
Kindergarten Carol Rogers [email protected] Kindergarten Teacher
Kindergarten Cathy Craven [email protected] Kindergarten Teacher
Kindergarten Colleen Ruble [email protected] Kindergarten Teacher
Kindergarten Morgan Wilkie [email protected] Kindergarten Teacher
Kindergarten Melissa Casagrande [email protected] Kindergarten Teacher
Kindergarten Jen Marshall [email protected] Instructional Assistant
Kindergarten Giulia Fiorentino [email protected] Instructional Assistant
Kindergarten Alycyn Billings [email protected] Instructional Assistant
Grade 1 Lisa Hancock [email protected] Grade 1 Teacher
Grade 1 Sarah Paris/Maureen Jordan [email protected] Grade 1 Teachers
Grade 1 Juliana Stabile [email protected] Grade 1 Teacher
Grade 1 Tricia Truhart [email protected] Grade 1 Teacher
Grade 1 Molly Norton [email protected] Instructional Assistant
Grade 1 Karen Holden [email protected] Instructional Assistant
Grade 2 Chelsea Ford [email protected] Grade 2 Teacher
Grade 2 Diane McCarthy [email protected] Grade 2 Teacher
Grade 2 Sarah Guinee/Colleen Martin [email protected] Grade 2 Teachers
Grade 2 Sandy Ragan [email protected] Grade 2 Teacher
Grade 2 Alex Cordeiro [email protected] Grade 2 Teacher
Grade 3 Karen Nawoichik [email protected] Grade 3 Teacher
Grade 3 Jessica Flinn [email protected] Grade 3 Teacher
Grade 3 Jodi Burke/Sandy Zargaj [email protected] Grade 3 Teachers
Grade 3 Shea Redmond [email protected] Grade 3 Teachers
Grade 3 Stephanie Corliss [email protected] Grade 3 Teacher
Grade 3 Christine Molloy [email protected] Instructional Assistant
Kitchen Cathy Maidment Kitchen Staff
Kitchen Sarah Tucker Kitchen Staff
Kitchen Susan Repucci Kitchen Staff
Learning Programs Jessica Minnaar and Laura Kuhn [email protected] and [email protected] Learning Experience Designer: ELA/SS
Learning Programs Danielle Thompson [email protected] Learning Experience Designer: Math/Science
Learning Programs Donna Sewall [email protected] Math Interventionist
Learning Programs Michelle Wronski [email protected] Math Interventionist
Learning Programs Jessica Minnaar [email protected] Reading Intervenionist
Learning Programs Beth Matthews [email protected] Special Education Teacher
Maintenance Glenn Morris [email protected] Head Custodian
Maintenance Brandon Metzler [email protected] Custodian
Nurse Cathy Rhuda [email protected] School Nurse
Special Education Will Simon [email protected] Occupational Therapist
Special Education Kelli Silva [email protected] Speech Assistant
Special Education Laura Racobaldo [email protected] Speech Assistant
Special Education Lisa Draper-Small [email protected] Speech Language Pathologist
Special Education Bonnie O’Leary [email protected] Physical Therapist
Special Education Allison Kezer [email protected] Behavior Specialist
Special Education Liz Malchanoff [email protected] School Psychologist
Special Education Sandy Zargaj [email protected] Special Education Teacher
Special Education Laura Kuhn [email protected] Special Education Teacher
Special Education Jenny Churchill [email protected] Special Education Coordinator
Special Education Melissa Diodati [email protected] Special Education Program & Inclusion Coordinator
Special Education Melissa Fazio [email protected] Behavior Specialist
Special Education Juliana Stabile [email protected] Fellow
Special Education Lindsey Shell [email protected] BCBA
Special Education Brigid Durant [email protected] School Counselor
Specialist Anne Duchak [email protected] Art Teacher
Specialist Katie DeFrank [email protected] Librarian
Specialist Mindy Swanson [email protected] Music Teacher
Specialist Ron Dienstmann [email protected] PE Teacher
Technology Chris Esolen [email protected] Network Manager
Technology Efrain Lopez [email protected] IT Specialist
Technology Elizabeth Fisichella [email protected] Technology Integration Specialist
Technology Ryan Savage [email protected] TTU IT Manager
Technology Julie Kelley [email protected] TTU EdTech Director